"UbiWare Service"는 Profile, Audit 등과 같은 telecommunication application의

특정한 functionality를 제공하는 application module입니다.

각 service들은 startup, shutdown 할 수 있으며, 다른 service들과 관계를 가질 수 있는

독립적인 개체입니다.


  service는 다음을 포함합니다.
  • A very specific set of requirements
• A model representing the requirements (data, operations, and behavior)
• An implementation of the model
• A programming interface to access, customize, and extend the functionality of the service
• An external interface to provision the service (for example, Create User)
• A set of beans to create GUI or other applications
• A presentation (GUI, web-based, or stand-alone) to provision and access the functionality
offered by the service
UbiWare가 제공하는 서비스들
  • Activity Service • Request Service
• Alarm Management Service • Network Discovery Service
  • Audit Service • Performance Service
  • Inventory Discovery Service • Profile Service
  • Connection Management Service • Protection Service
  • Delayed Activation Service • Scheduled Operations Service
  • Downstream Service • Scripting Service
  • Fault Tolerance Service (optional service) • Software Management Service
  • Housekeeping Service • Test Management Service
  • Inventory Service • Topology Service
• Transport Service • Utility Service